Multi Easter Products

The Easter holiday is all about spring blooms, family, and togetherness. Our artificial lilies make the classic centerpiece for the holiday dinner, whether you’re hosting or traveling bearing gifts. We also have festive seasonal wreathes to greet your guests on arrival that will stand up to the finicky spring weather year after year. Whether it’s for your table or another’s, these fake Easter arrangements will impress everyone with the detail and authenticity of our plants.

25 Products

24” Hydrangea Wreath
28" Hydrangea Teardrop
Mixed Flower Hat Wreath
22” Dahlia Mum Wreath
20" Mixed Flower Wreath
Mixed Flower Wreath
24” Peony Mum Wreath
20” Orchid, Artichoke & Succulent Wreath
22” Spring Floral Wreath
26” African Sunflower Wreath
20” Veranda Garden Wreath
24" Peony Hydrangea Wreath
24” Spring Garden Wreath w/Twig Base
20" Rose Wreath
22" Peony Wreath
20" Hanel Lilac Wreath
22” Hydrangea Wreath
22” Hydrangea Wreath
20" Dogwood Wreath
24" Hydrangea Rose Wreath