Silk Wall Mats Plants

Our interconnected and versatile wall mats can solve a lot of decorating dilemmas, in both interior and exterior spaces. Connect our outdoor wall mats to cover undesirable exterior spaces, give your fence a pop of green, or to give your yard a bit more privacy. No landscaping or watering needed! Move the same look inside to create a living wall, replete with cheerful colors and intricate detail. Choose from our variety of artificial greenery, from dense and lush ferns to delicate eucalyptus, and change your look by switching the pattern and geometry of the connected mats whenever the mood strikes you. Let your creative side shine!

8 Products

38 x 23” Staghorn and Fern Artificial Living Wall
20” x 20” Lush Mediterranean Artificial Fern Wall Panel UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)
47” Pothos Expandable Fence UV Resistant & Waterproof
39” English Ivy Expandable Fence UV Resistant & Waterproof
39” Podocarpus Expandable Fence UV Resistant & Waterproof
12” x 12” Eucalyptus Mat (Set of 8)
6” x 6” Purple & Green Clover Mat (Set of 12)
12” x 10” Boxwood Mat (Set of 12)