A simple drop-ship program

Our drop-ship program is simple for you to use, and exceptionally worthwhile, because you'll be offering a great product at a great price. Just make the sale on your webstie or auction, enter the order on this website, and we'll do the rest. We can even brand the products as coming from your own company

Free shipping within 48 hours

People WANT (and expect) fast shipping! We have a 48 hour shipping guarantee, and indeed, most orders ship even faster than that (within 24 hours). And the cost for this great shipping? Nada... zero... zilch. Yes, it's really free.

Largest selection and best quality

We have the largest selection of silk plants, trees, wreaths, flowers, arrangements, and accessories available for drop-ship on the web... and our quality is second to none as well. The biggest selection of the best stuff? With easy drop-shipping? It's almost a no-brainer.