Still not sure if you want to be a dropshipper for us?

Let's give you a few good reasons why Nearly Natural makes sense

  • Fast & Free Shipping

    Today's demanding consumer expects to receive products ordered online almost immediately. Our dropship program guarantees all orders are shipped within 48 business hours (and most orders ship within 24 business hours). Our program also includes free shipping in the continental United States, so you never have to deal with the hassles and expense of freight. Bottom line: our fast and free shipping will make your customers happy.

  • Largest Selection

    Nearly Natural offers the largest selection of artificial floral available for drop ship in the industry. But we don't stop there, and continually release several rounds of new products every year. Often you'll find these releases include unique products suited specifically for seasonal decor and upcoming holidays. Our products fall into standard faux floral categories including Silk Arrangements, Silk Flowers, Silk Plants, Silk Trees, Seasonal and Wreaths. However, you'll find that we carry a growing and in-depth collection of accessories such as planters and bamboo. Really nice stuff.

  • Quality

    We actually got started partly as a live plant company, so we know what makes a good artificial plant. Suffice to say, we have the best looking artificial plants on the market today, and have fooled even the most discerning plant lovers. Our commitment to quality has fueled our business, and resulted in us becoming an unquestioned leader in the artificial plant industry.

  • Proprietary Products

    Nearly Natural is both an importer and manufacturer. This means we have both domestic and overseas design / buying capabilities. Thus, you'll find that many of our products are unique to Nearly Natural and cannot be had elsewhere.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Nearly Natural is a direct importer and manufacturer, thus you'll find our pricing model to be extremely competitive.

  • Lastly, We're Nice

    In this day and age of cold, hard business, it's important to us to stay true to our roots and remain a people-friendly company. We're honest, we're ethical, and we've been told (repeatedly!) that we're a pleasure to do business with.

A simple drop-ship program

Our dropship is program is simple for you to use, and exceptionally worthwhile, because you'll be offering a great product at a great price. Just make the sale on your website or auction, enter the order on this website, and we'll do the rest. We can even brand the products as coming from your own company.

Free shipping within 48 hours

People WANT (and expect) fast shipping! We have a 48 hour shipping guarantee, and indeed, most orders ship even faster than that (within 24 hours.) And the cost for this great shipping? Nada... zero... Zilch. Yes, it's really free.

Largest selection and best quality

We have the largest selection of silk plants, tress, wreaths, flowers, arrangements, and accessories available for drop ship on the web....and our quality is second to none as well. The biggest selection of the best stuff? With easy dropshipping? It's almost a no-brainer