Wreaths Garlands and Swags

Our elegantly shaped fake teardrops are classic décor, beautifully arranged floral pieces that cascade downward from wherever they are placed or hung. Add verdant pops of color and texture anywhere, and most of our pieces have several different materials to add complexity and nuance. Best of all, they’ll never dry out or fall apart! Several seasonal choices gives you lots of options to keep your look fresh and new.

14 Products

26” Mixed Japanese Maple, Magnolia Leaf and Berries Artificial Teardrop
26” Geranium and Blue Berry Artificial Teardrop
28” Fern Artificial Teardrop (Set of 2)


28" Hydrangea Teardrop
24" Garden Flower Teardrop
26” Berry, Pine & Snowflake Teardrop
Poinsettia Teardrop
26” Pine & Pine Cone Teardrop
27” Christmas Hydrangea Teardrop
28” Plum Blossom Teardrop
25” Poinsettia, Pine Cone & Burlap Teardrop
26” Red Magnolia & Pine Tear Drop
24” Sunflower & Berry Teardrop
24'' Mixed Peony & Hydrangea Teardrop