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Paradise Palm Artificial Tree in Black Planter

SKU: 5692

This lifelike paradise artificial palm tree will add life and a fresh green accent to your master bedroom. Light and dark hued green foliage spreads out in different directions, all contained within a contemporary black planter topped with river rocks. For a tropical inspired look, place this piece on either side of your entryway door, behind an armchair, or next to a bookcase. Be sure to add flowering plants with colorful blooms on your living room end table to accent the green foliage of the artificial palm tree.


Height: 3.5 Ft.

Width: 25 In.

Depth: 23 In.

Pot Size: H: 15.5 In. W: 11.25 In. D: 11.25 In.

42 x 42 x 14