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9' Artificial Olive Tree with Natural Trunk

SKU: T4655

The internet's most loved tree is making a grand comeback. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean's beauty, this tree's minimalist leaves, each in a unique shade of green, capture its timeless charm. Crafted by skilled horticulturists, it features a high-quality, natural trunk reminiscent of the thousand-year-old trees adorning the Italian countryside. For a touch of uniqueness, you can shape its branches to your taste. Towering at 9' and nestled in a nursery planter, it's the perfect addition to any spacious area in need of a timeless touch. We love it in a foyer, dining room, nook or entry way in your favorite planter.


Height: 9 Ft.

Width: 23 In.

Depth: 22 In.

Pot Size: H: 6 In. W: 6.5 In. D: 6.5 In.

50.5 x 50.5 x 7.5