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  • 9’ Artificial Dracaena Tree with Real Touch Leaves

9’ Artificial Dracaena Tree with Real Touch Leaves

SKU: T4552


    Get ready to elevate those stalks! Our faux Dracaena is here to bring you those tropical vibes, minus the hassle of maintenance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by the beauty of nature, you'll marvel at the glossy leaves and the long, slender trunk that closely resembles its wild counterparts. Designed by horticulturists from premium-quality materials, this lifelike Dracaena offers the flexibility to bend its branches, allowing you to create a genuinely unique and captivating centerpiece. Standing 9' from a nursery planter, display it in any area in need of a refresh. Ideal for a foyer, living room, or any space with high ceilings.


    Height: 9 Ft.

    Width: 26 In.

    Depth: 26 In.

    Pot Size: H: 7 In. W: 7 In. D: 7 In.

    63 x 63 x 8