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6’ Artificial Fiddle Leaf Tree

SKU: T4418

Introducing the queen bee of indoor plants! The notoriously difficult-to-grow fiddle leaf tree can now grace your space without maintenance. Inspired by the beauty of nature, our artificial fiddle leaf tree features large, glossy leaves that emanate from a lifelike trunk. Meticulously crafted by expert horticulturists using high-quality materials, its branches can even be bent to create a personalized look in your space. Standing tall at 6', it comes in a stylish nursery planter, ready to enhance any corner of your home. Enjoy the allure of this iconic plant without the hassle, and let its majestic presence reign in your living space.


Height: 6 Ft.

Width: 28 In.

Depth: 18 In.

Pot Size: H: 6 In. W: 7 In. D: 7 In.

43.31 x 43.31 x 7.48