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  • 3' Artificial Golden Cane Palm Tree with Handmade Jute & Cotton Basket with Tassels DIY KIT - Set of 2

3' Artificial Golden Cane Palm Tree with Handmade Jute & Cotton Basket with Tassels DIY KIT - Set of 2

SKU: T4476-S2

Includes: 2 Baskets, 2 Faux Trees, 2 Rectangular Cardboards, 2 Styrofoam, 2 Spanish Moss Difficulty: Perfect for beginners Estimated time: 5 minutes or less This faux tree is sure to put a smile on your face! Get ready to be transported to a tropical paradise, all while lounging in the comfort of your own home. Our brand-new DIY kit is the perfect way to experience our top-notch quality without breaking the bank. This beauty is crafted by talented horticulturists using only the finest materials, featuring three fronds that sway gracefully from a realistic trunk with all the details you'd find in nature. What's even better? This tree doesn't need any maintenance to keep it looking fabulous. So realistic, your guests will be shocked when they find out it's not the real deal. You can even bend the branches to create that symmetrical look and feel you've always wanted. Our adorable handmade jute basket will add an organic touch to your space, making you feel like you're kicking it on a tropical beach. Unleash your inner interior designer and have a blast creating your new favorite home accessory in five minutes or less! It also makes for a fantastic gift for anyone, no matter their age. So why wait? Turn a new leaf, or three, and transform your space with this tropical faux tree that's bursting with good vibes and energy! 1. Remove the plastic from the faux tree, then insert the trunk into the middle of the larger part of the Styrofoam until it feels sturdy. 2. Add the Styrofoam into the cardboard box, you’ll want it to be at the same surface level of the box. 3. Add the cardboard box with the faux tree inside the basket, and make sure the box is centered in the basket. 4. Once centered, add your Spanish moss, and remember to stretch it, so it covers the interior diameter of the basket. 5. Shape your tree by bending down the branches and then fluffing all the leaves 6. Enjoy your new faux tree, made by you sit back and admire Designer tip: Before decorating with moss, add fillers such as rocks, newspaper, or paper packs for an elevated look and stability. Designer tip: Steam the leaves for a more realistic look. Cleaning tip: Keep your tree looking beautiful for years by feather dusting the leaves and basket once a month.


Height: 3 Ft.

Width: 24 In.

Depth: 16 In.

Pot Size: H: 11 In. W: 12 In. D: 12 In.

38 x 38 x 8