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  • 3’ Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree with Handmade Cotton & Jute Woven Planter DIY Kit - Set of 2

3’ Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree with Handmade Cotton & Jute Woven Planter DIY Kit - Set of 2

SKU: P1908-S2


Includes: 2 Baskets, 2 Faux Trees, 2 Rectangular Cardboards, 2 Styrofoam, 2 Spanish Moss Difficulty: Perfect for beginners Estimated time: 5 minutes or less Be inspired! Two are better than one. Let your inner interior designer free (no experience needed) with our NEW DIY kit, made just for you and your family. This high-quality set of 2 includes all the materials to create the most lifelike faux tree you’ve ever seen on a budget (removing the stress of sourcing all the materials). In just 5 minutes or less, recreate a stylish décor piece for your home. The handmade cotton and jute basket elevate your design by adding a warm, yet eye-catching touch. Makes a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, or special occasions, perfect for kids and teens. The artificial fiddle leaf fig tree is a great addition to any space in need of a tropical touch. Because fiddles are picky and difficult to grow, many people opt for nature-inspired faux ones that look just like the real thing. Crafted by horticulturists from high-quality materials, you’ll notice the attention to detail at every branch, stem, and glossy leaves. Best of all? You can bend the branches to fit in your space. Start designing a space to love with our faux fiddle and experience nature without any maintenance. This set of 2 is perfect for keeping symmetry around the home. Some ideas of where to add: entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, and corners. 1. Remove the plastic from the faux tree, then insert the trunk into the middle of the larger part of the Styrofoam until it feels sturdy. 2. Add the Styrofoam into the cardboard box, you’ll want it to be at the same surface level of the box. 3. Add the cardboard box with the faux tree inside the basket, make sure the box is centered in the basket. 4. Once centered, add your Spanish moss, remember to stretch it, so it covers the interior diameter of the basket. 5. Shape your tree by bending down the branches and then fluffing all the leaves 6. Enjoy your new faux tree, made by you sit back and admire Designer tip: Before decorating with moss, add fillers such as rocks, newspaper, or paper packs for an elevated look and stability. Designer tip: Steam the leaves for a more realistic look. Cleaning tip: Keep your tree looking beautiful for years by feather dusting the leaves and basket once a month.


Height: 3 Ft.

Width: 16 In.

Depth: 13 In.

Pot Size: H: 12 In. W: 14 In. D: 14 In.

38 x 38 x 8