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  • 23” Artificial Boston Fern Plant with Tapered Bronze Square Metal Planter DIY KIT - Set of 2

23” Artificial Boston Fern Plant with Tapered Bronze Square Metal Planter DIY KIT - Set of 2

SKU: T4486-S2

DIY - Includes: 2 Planters, 2 Faux Plants, 2 Rectangular Cardboards, 2 Styrofoam, 2 Spanish Moss Difficulty: Perfect for beginners Estimated time: 5 minutes or less No need to venture deep into the jungle to bring a lush look into your home! Our NEW Artificial Boston Fern DIY Kit is here to help you do just that at a budget-friendly price without sacrificing quality. Made from premium materials by expert horticulturists, this fountain of green fronds sprout to create an overgrowth of greenery that will add some serious visual interest to your space, all without maintenance. You can even bend the branches to fit in your space. With ruffled, textured, and long leaves, this piece provides a verdant touch that makes it look even more lifelike. Plus, you can shape the branches as you see fit, making them perfect for your space. The metal planter adds a chic touch, you can customize it for an elevated look and feel. This DIY kit comes with everything you need to create the most lifelike home decor item you've ever seen, and it takes just 5 minutes or less to bring your vision to life. It's a perfect family activity and makes a great gift for your loved ones, regardless of their age or occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Get that lush jungle look in your space today and transform it into a green oasis! With this Artificial Boston Fern DIY Kit, you'll have all the jungle vibes you need to bring your home to life. Designer tip: Before decorating with moss, add fillers such as rocks, newspaper, or paper packs for an elevated look and stability. 1. Remove the plastic from the faux tree, then insert the trunk into the middle of the larger part of the Styrofoam until it feels sturdy. 2. Add the Styrofoam into the cardboard box, you’ll want it to be at the same surface level of the box. 3. Add the cardboard box with the faux tree inside the basket, and make sure the box is centered in the basket. 4. Once centered, add your Spanish moss, and remember to stretch it, so it covers the interior diameter of the basket. 5. Shape your tree by bending down the branches and then fluffing all the leaves 6. Enjoy your new faux tree, made by you sit back and admire Designer tip: Steam the leaves for a more realistic look. Cleaning tip: Keep your tree looking beautiful for years by feather dusting the leaves and basket once a month.


Height: 21 In.

Width: 23 In.

Depth: 23 In.

Pot Size: H: 13.5 In. W: 7.5 In. D: 7.5 In.

38 x 38 x 8