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  • 11.5” Regal Stone Vase with Gold Accents

11.5” Regal Stone Vase with Gold Accents

SKU: 0767-S1

Love your new plant but not the planter? It’s your lucky day with this Stoneware Oval Vase with gold trimmings (Set of 1). DIY your own faux-bolous arrangement easily, effortlessly and confidently by adding your own finishing touches. If you’re into Hollywood glam or mid-century modern, you’ll love this ceramic vase’s gold trimmings against the stoneware base. Standing 11.5" high, you can set in a tabletop aganist a walled mirror for a chic look. No drainage holes.


Height: 11.5 In.

Width: 5 In.

Depth: 5 In.

Pot Size:

13 x 13 x 8