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Dracaena Artificial Tree in Sandstone Planter

SKU: 5699

Several stems rise from natural green moss with this artificial dracaena tree. With several shoots of green foliage, this artificial tree stands at a height of 4.5-feet. Elegant and sophisticated, the piece is complemented by the included sandstone planter. The neutral coloring of this artificial tree is perfect for a professional environment, like an office, foyer, or reception area. It'll provide a beautiful natural green accent when placed beside a desk, bookshelf, or arm chair.


Height: 4.5 Ft.

Width: 28 In.

Depth: 28 In.

Pot Size: H: 10.75 In. W: 11.5 In. D: 11.5 In.

62 x 62 x 14